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With united strength to European capital of culture

Lions Chemnitz Unite supports Chemnitz


Chemnitz. The most inconspicuous of the three major cities in Saxony at first glance has a declared goal: to become European Capital of Culture in 2025. Reason enough for an extraordinary campaign by six LIONS Clubs from Chemnitz - in 2018 they joined forces as the association "Lions Chemnitz Unite e.V." to make the colorful, multi-layered and fun-loving city of Chemnitz known all over Europe and to show that Chemnitz has what it takes to become the European Capital of Culture. It is about giving the clear signal to all those involved in the application for the Capital of Culture: "We are there and we will join together with you."


In December 2019, Chemnitz already took the first hurdle. While cities like Gera, Dresden and Zittau are out of the count, Chemnitz made it onto the shortlist alongside Hannover, Hildesheim, Magdeburg and Nuremberg. The task now is to convince the jury of the potential of our city for the title in October 2020, and all LIONS clubs actively support this.

For this purpose, Lions Chemnitz Unite called on all clubs to submit projects to compete for the title. These could be short-term campaigns to support the application as well as long-term projects to upgrade the city or improve social interaction. The numerous creative ideas were presented at an event in July and then then the jury - consisting of all the Lion members present - made a decision which projects should be supported together. For example, all three short-term projects were very well received and should be implemented together:


  1. "Talk about it"
    Companies actively inform their workforce about the application for the Capital of Culture and its benefits for the population.

  2. "Sticker campaign"
    As an inexpensive advertising medium, bright stickers with reference to the Capital of Culture are being distributed en masse throughout the city.

  3. "From 1 make 4 make 12 ..."
    With a targeted approach, people should be informed about the Capital of Culture using a pyramid scheme and, if possible, identify themselves as supporters on a website.

For more info about the Capital of culture please click on this logo.



Who's behind LIONS UNITE?

The six Lions Clubs of the city of Chemnitz have joined together to form the association "Lions Chemnitz Unite e.V." in order to make Chemnitz, a colourful, multifaceted and vibrant city, known throughout Europe and to show that Chemnitz is a worthy candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2025.

We would like to contribute with all our unified strength to bring this title to our city and turn it into a celebration for Chemnitz and its surrounding region. 

The motto of our conference is "We serve - best practice".

The clubs belonging to "Lions Chemnitz United e.V."


PROJECT 1 - "Talk about it"


We design:

  • in our company and thus give the employees and people of this city - stability, information and development directions

  • Corporate goals and their strategic direction are part of the corporate culture - this culture also plays a role in our application


We talk! - Our project "Talk about it!":

  • supports the application for the Capital of Culture 2025 at short notice and inform our employees about the importance of this application.

  • motivate our employees to become ambassadors for our goal of Chemnitz Capital of Culture 2025.

In order to implement our project, there should be workshops with employees with the aim of bringing people closer to the benefits and the importance of the Chemnitz 2025 application.



Workshops should take place in the companies of the club members. The presenters will be prepared, either through a training course or through extensive information material from the Capital of Culture office. They will also be given giveaways and information brochures for distribution.

Project 2 - 1 make 4 make 12 ...

Range via pyramid scheme


The idea is very simple: "If someone speaks to you and tells you ..." We would like to use a pyramid scheme to win supporters for the cultural capital of Chemnitz in 2025 and therefore encourage every Lion from Chemnitz to meet at least three people from his family / friends or meet with friends and talk about Chemnitz's application for the Capital of Culture. The most important thing here: These three people should be encouraged and asked to meet again with another three people in order to pass on the idea and the content. In this way, the conversations should continue and reach as many people as possible in a short time. The introduction to these discussions is facilitated by a content-based guide that every Lion receives and can use or pass on. Stickers, which are distributed and invite you to stick and / or pass on, offer an additional incentive to spread the idea.

The entry of all participants on the website "www.wirunterstuetzenchemnitz.de" in the relevant section is the motivation and measure of success of the project.

Project 3 - # we are2025 / # i'm2025



Courage to mass! “Can we really reach everyone in Chemnitz?” Is the question that remains at the end of every project. The goal: every citizen of Chemnitz should have heard something about Chemnitz 2025 when the jury comes to inspect it. But not everyone reads the newspaper, not everyone listens to the radio, not everyone finds out about what is happening in our city on their own initiative. That is why we want to pick up citizens where they cannot pass us: in the supermarket, at every street lamp, every bus shelter and the front door of their home.

How it works? Quite simple: with stickers. Whether round or square, it doesn't matter, the main thing is that there are lots of them. The content may / should be short and rudimentary, for example, “Chemnitz will be the cultural capital” and #Iam2025 or “#weare2025”. The hashtag should of course have been used extensively on social media before and during the entire campaign. But even when citizens see it who are unfamiliar with social media, they have at least already noticed the topic.

The campaign could be supported by posters or advertisements, if the budget can be acquired.

We want to create a mood similar to that of the soccer World Cup, in unison: solidarity, identity, enthusiasm.

The Capital of Culture office could help us with the design in order to adhere to the corporate design and to ensure uniform communication. All LIONS members in the city should be involved in the distribution, we just have to control who is sticking where. And maybe there will already be talks about our big goal - to become Capital of Culture 2025.



Visit Chemnitz Brochure

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Chemnitz is a modern metropolis with around 250,000 inhabitants in the middle of Europe - in the direct vicinity of the EU member states the Czech Republic and Poland.

In Chemnitz, traditional inventive talent meets the high-tech developments of the 21st century. The former "Saxon Manchester" thus continues its more than 150-year tradition as a centre of mechanical engineering. 

The Technical University and numerous research institutions are the best proof of the development into a leading research and development location in Germany. 


According to the Business Week ranking, Chemnitz is one of the fastest-growing cities in Germany.

As a city open to the arts, Chemnitz offers you an exciting encounter and the discovery of true treasure troves, full of testimonies of our past and present. With its five sections - opera, theatre, philharmonic orchestra, ballet and puppet theatre - the Chemnitz Theatre is one of the largest and most successful theatres in Germany.

Special annual highlights include festivals such as the Saxon Mozart Festival, the Chemnitz Museum Night, the Hat Festival, the Park Summer, the New Art Festival and the IBUG, to name but a few. Also the Chemnitz art gallery next to the opera house, the Villa Esche or the industrial museum, where you can follow the traditional industrial culture of Chemnitz, are always worth a visit. 




Further information can be found on the Chemnitz Tourist Board website: www.chemnitz-tourismus.de


                           Chemnitz deserves to become European Capital of Culture in 2025:



By car

Chemnitz can be reached via the motorways A 4 and A 72 and the federal roads B 95, B 107, B 169, B 173 and B 174.

By train

The train connection on the Sachsen-Franken-Magistrale with the cities of Nuremberg - Bayreuth - Hof - Plauen - Zwickau - Chemnitz - Dresden/Zwickau - Leipzig will be improved through the renovation of the route connections and the use of inclination technology trains. The nearest stations are Dresden Central Station and Leipzig Central Station. 

By plane

The nearest airports to Chemnitz are Leipzig/Halle Airport and Dresden Airport.